"Dekra Automotive" OOD Bulgaria offers the service assessment of used road vehicles. It includes visual assessment of the damages on the body and the interior, which have occurred during the lease period, and which have not been reported by the user and for which the necessary repair works have not been undertaken.

After preparing the assessment, a report is composed which comprises general information about the vehicle, images and the value of repair.

Preparation of a handover protocol

  • Collection of all necessary documents
  • Taking of general and detailed photos 
  • Filling-in of 3 copies of the handover protocol
  • Visual inspection for unacceptable damages according to  the customer's requirements


Assessment of the damages by Audatex 

  • Possibility for selection of each and every detail, which is offered by the manufacturer.
  • Actual price and batch number of every part


Process of visualization of the assessment by means of Microsoft CRM 

Entry of information about the motor vehicle

  • General and detailed information
  • Level of equipment
  • Date for next annual technical inspection
  • Adding general and detailed photos of the damages



Complete view of the finished process

  • Visualization of the report in Bulgarian and English, with or without prices for the repair works
  • The report is available onlineor as a Word document